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Blood is life.

It’s pretty much that simple: without it, we’re nothing. If we lose too much, it’s lights out. That much is pretty obvious, but there’s a lot more to the importance of blood that often gets overlooked.

Cancer patients, for example, can also often need blood transfusions through the chemotherapy process, some requiring it daily. With the average transfusion being three pints and donations only withdrawing one pint, basic math shows you that it takes three people to give blood for every one person who requires it.

That’s not to say a donation can only help one-third of…

Health isn’t a day-to-day practice, it is a lifelong investment.

A plant-based diet offers so many benefits to reducing risk of illness, improving health and increasing your chances of a long, happy, healthy life.

But is there more to it than simply removing animal products from your diet?

I recently heard the phrase “Blue Zones”. I assumed it had some connection to the ocean, but began to research these five land-based regions of the world and the claims that their residents are redefining what it means to live a complete, healthy life.

While some are obvious, such as minimising the…

I remember a friend staying with me shortly after I’d turned to a plant-based lifestyle.

An omnivore themselves, they opted to eat out or get takeaway that suited their diet choice, but one night I asked if they’d like to have the salad I was making for myself.

“Salad?” they inquired. They couldn’t believe that I’d only have salad for dinner, but they did take me up on the offer and, though I say it myself, were more than grateful they did!

You see, there’s salad, and then there’s a proper, balanced, plant-based salad that is a complete and nourishing…

Meat-eaters seem to have an issue with soy.

Tofu, tempeh, soy milk, soy ice cream — whatever form it comes in, they’ll have something to say about it.

Latching onto tenuous facts, expounding upon disproven rumors and proliferating statistics to favor their own cause, carnivores continue to feed the belief that soy is bad.

The multitude of reasons ranges from causing breast cancer to causing breasts in men, the destruction of the rainforests to the destruction of our bone density and many more. …

With the current state of affairs, everyone and everything seem to be moving online.

Yoga classes, PT sessions, shopping, movies, social hang-outs, our work and meetings — there’s hardly a social interaction of any kind that we can’t now achieve in the digital realm.

This has become a curious mix of incredibly convenient and slightly disconnecting, even though it has united families across the globe and spanned otherwise impenetrable closed borders.

It has also allowed us to share our thoughts and perspectives with a wider, more engaged audience, and this is as true as anywhere else within the plant-based community…

“You are what you eat”.

It’s not a new phrase, and certainly one that most people will have heard more than once or twice, but it’s possibly one of the most misunderstood, ignored and underappreciated nuggets of wisdom ever to be uttered.

The western world has become utterly detached from the notion of food as simply grist for the mill, an indulgent, tasty filler at best. Food is nothing more than the fodder that fills our bellies; we’re hungry, we eat, we’re no longer hungry — job done.

In India, diet is often governed by the philosophies of Ayurveda. Everyone…

Got milk?

We’ve all seen the billboards of Angelina Jolie, Wolverine, even Kermit the Frog sporting a thick, white smear of milk across their top lips. Milk has been touted as ‘an essential part of every diet’ and numerous other marketing slogans, and one of the primary reasons is for its high content of calcium.

It’s true that our bodies need calcium. With 99% of our body’s calcium stored in the bones and teeth, it makes perfect sense that we need it to keep our skeleton strong. …

Whether it’s a fancy hotel or a simple AirBnB, there’s nothing more frustrating than turning up to your vacation accommodation only to discover the complimentary breakfast comprises bacon, eggs, dairy and no plant-based options.

To add salt to the wound, the free bonuses — the chocolate on the pillow, the coffee creamers and so on — are all full of dairy milk and other non-vegan ingredients. We can’t complain about the room treats — after all, we haven’t paid for them — but the meal is factored into the accommodation price, even if they have marketed it as ‘complimentary’. …

When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s simple to take the easy path.

With a new plant-based diet, this can mean take-out or dial-in meals, vegan fast-food and pre-made burgers and dishes.

While there’s nothing wrong with these food options, there’s also nothing very ‘right’ about them either. As a very broad generalization, they are often low in nutrition, higher in salts, sugars and fats and lacking in what I consider ‘real’ ingredients.

Having some pre-made items in your icebox for last-minute meals is fine, enjoying a Beyond Meat burger with a fresh salad and organic bun is great…

In these days of infinite connectivity and pervasive wifi, we quite literally hold our lives in the palm of our hands.

We may curse our boss’s ability to contact us whenever he wants and question the integrity of the Big Tech companies’ intrusive data policies, but new tech has made our lives so much easier — possibly even better — in many ways and made any information we could ever wish for available at the touch of a button.

While our smart devices often have internet connection and Google has the answer for everything, apps make it even easier to…


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